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About Depur

In 2002, after seven years of trading at HSBC in NYC and Paris, I decided to make one of my life’s dreams a reality and open my own restaurant. For this reason, I looked for a consulting firm to help me conceptualise, build and execute my project. But I couldn’t find anyone to help me.
I struggled so much that I made the following promise to myself: “If I succeed, then one day I will help others to set up their own catering projects.”
Dan CEBULA, Founder & CEO
DEPUR EXPERIENCES consulting firm (2013)


Founded in 2013, DEPUR Experiences is a consulting firm specialising in Food & Beverage run by a group of project manager-entrepreneurs with extensive experience in the sector.

Before becoming consultants, we all carried plates, built restaurants in shopping centres, designed kitchens, trained operational teams, developed F&B brand platforms, ran business models, etc.

We offer proximity consulting services. We are a firm with our own rituals, such as listening to a brief of a potential idea over a good coffee or lighting a candle for a workshop.

Our mission is to support and manage innovative Food & Beverage & Eatertainment© transformation projects that generate strong and sustainable performances based on the experience of the end customers, the employees and the space where these experiences unfold.

The diversity of our team’s experiences is what creates the richness of our innovative ideas. From A to Z.

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The CHR (Café-Hotel-Restaurant) sector is changing and extending its borders beyond all our expectations.

Restaurants have become living places to eat.

Whether it be in train stations, airports, bakeries, shopping centres, hotel lobbies, amusement parks, office buildings, etc., we eat everywhere and at all hours. The world has gone crazy for FOOD

F&B is a universe of experiences and innovations that combine the physical world with the digital one.

Naturally positive and unifying, it becomes the gateway to other associated services (e.g. concierge services, wellness, talks, music, art, eatertainment©, etc.) which together form a powerful lever for asset enhancement and regeneration.

We bring you the best of Food & Beverage & Eatertainment© to make all your food outlets popular destinations.

F&B infuses all economic sectors without any exceptions or limitations.

We are proud and lucky to be part of the “Food & Beverage as a Service” revolution