Having become a powerful means of bringing people together and an exceptional source of customers, F&B is now ubiquitous. Depur's vision of F&B is: begin with the customer and build an experience around the emotion they can expect from F&B.
In order to create or reshape a sustainable and high-performing concept, we believe the teams are the ones to convey this emotion. F&B is now everywhere, it became a powerful means of socialization and an exceptional source of potential customers.


Depur stands for Drôle d’Endroit Pour une Rencontre (“An odd place to meet someone”), the name of the restaurants created by Dan Cebula in 2002. The Depur Experiences philosophy is rooted in the idea behind this name.

We believe in encounters, sharing, fun and therefore automatically in places that are alive – places that inspire concepts and brands.The food & beverage aspect is simply where these concepts and brands begin and end. The question is no longer “Which burger?” but “Why the burger?”

At Depur, when we create an F&B concept, we strive to think of it more as an F&B brand.

If designing a concept consists simply in aligning specific codes to create an immersive experience (story telling, flows, customer journey, offer, decor and design, service, tableware, etc.), the experience remains purely functional and passive.

To create a brand is to take the concept to a more emotional, more active and therefore more human level. Only a team can offer a full, five-sense emotional experience involving touch, hearing, taste, sight and smell.

This is the thinking behind DEPUR FOOD S’COOL, our HR lab and a true incubator of concept adoption methods, where we offer training and sharing workshops drawing on collective intelligence and group role play.

Learning through fun-based sharing and teaching makes workers into the best possible brand ambassadors – and the best equipped to provide a distinctive experience for customers.



Unlike some of our counterparts, we never start our projects “from the kitchen first then the dining area”. We actually think you should do the opposite: it’s the customer EXPERIENCE that dictates our specifications. After all, customers appreciate good food, served quickly in a practical environment.

But what will really win them over and make them ready to recommend you is the emotion they feel and the experience they have. Customers don’t buy what you do or how you do it – they buy the reason you do it.

Telling customers about your values and beliefs prompts emotional decision-making and boosts your performance.
Ultimately, embodying a brand rather than a concept is your guarantee of sustainability.



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